Master Ryu

Master Ryu

Master Ryu is a living example of the rewards to be gained through Tae Kwon Do. After more than 30 years of consistent training, he holds many degrees for different forms of martial arts. He is recognized internationally for his accomplishments and commitment to providing excellent martial arts instruction. His knowledge and philosophy have truly touched the lives of many and he continually strives to help those in need, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Master Ryu练武超过30年,教练方式得到国际认同,从跆拳道出生,而在不同的武艺都拿到黑带。

Master Ryu's Top 5 Qualifications

  1. International Instructor in over 10 countries USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bhutam, Vietnam, Korea...
  2. 1988-1990 Korean National Team
  3. 1995-1997 Vietnam National Team Coach
  4. 1998-1999 Bhutan National Team Coach
  5. 2000 World Tae Kwon Do Association Instructor Dispatch Canada

为什么选择Master Ryu:

  1. 10多个国家的国际教练 (美国,中国,香港,新加波,不丹,越南,韩国)
  2. 1988-1990韩国国家队
  3. 1995-1997越南国家队教练
  4. 1998-1999不丹国家队教练
  5. 2000年世界跆拳道联盟教练派遣到加拿大


  • 6th degree black belt Tae Kwon Do
  • 6th degree black belt Wu Shu
  • 5th degree black belt Kung Fu
  • 4th degree black belt Hapkido


  • 跆拳道黑带六段
  • 武术黑带六段
  • 功夫黑带五段
  • 合气道黑带五段

Other martial arts skills: Weapons Training, Nunchucks, Weapon Fan, Wushu Staff (Bo).